Xenserver Heterogeneous CPUs in Pool

I have been working to get some Xenservers setup in the same pool that have different CPU versions. With different features, I get the error message that the CPUs are not homogeneous. To help rectify this, I created the following script and then followed the instructions below. /root/get-cpu-features #!/usr/bin/perl $FEATURES2=$ARGV[0]; if (exists $ARGV[1]) { $FEATURES1=$ARGV[1]; […]

Why the public cloud is the fast food of the IT industry.

The challenge for any IT manager is how to meet business requirements with technology.  More often than not, those requirements dictate rapid deployment.  The cloud excels at this, since the infrastructure is already available and waiting to be used.  Rapid deployment, just as fast-food, does not guarantee quality, however.  In fact, the performance and reliability […]

Cloudsourcing – What is this “IT revolution” all about?

First there were servers.  Each server had a single purpose.  In some cases, 90% of the time, they ran idle — a big waste of resources (processor, disk, memory, etc.) Then there were server farms, which were groups of servers distributing loads for single applications.   Distributing loads to multiple servers allowed for higher loads […]

The Veterans Affairs Scandal

Everyone is furious about the way that our war veterans have been treated in the past, and present. The long waiting lists for medical procedures and the mistreatment of our veterans has caused quite an outrage – and rightfully so. Now there are stories in the news about heads rolling – officials in charge being […]