I recently setup an OpenVPN server.  The setup is probably one of the more difficult ones, but one major advantage is that you can select any port of your choice for it to work on.  That lets you connect over, let’s say, port 80 (http).  The benefit is that if you want to securely browse […]

Manager Beware!

One of my pet peeves is when people do not take ownership of their own failures.   We have all been guilty of this at times.  When I was new to the workforce, it was almost my mantra to pass the blame.   But over the years, I have discovered that it is far better to own […]

How to recover data from a failed hard drive.

Here’s the scenario.   You have a computer that’s been running for years.  Everything has been fine until one day when it crashes on you.  Perhaps it goes out in style with a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).   You don’t realize the impact yet.  You reboot, but when it starts to load, BAM!, another BSOD.    Now […]