The Veterans Affairs Scandal

Everyone is furious about the way that our war veterans have been treated in the past, and present. The long waiting lists for medical procedures and the mistreatment of our veterans has caused quite an outrage – and rightfully so. Now there are stories in the news about heads rolling – officials in charge being […]

Flight 370 Theory

Since the governments and news organizations have not been able to find anything substantial out about the bizarre disappearance of flight 370, I figure that I will try constructing my own theory.   Here goes.. Facts / Analysis The copilot was in his 20’s.   The pilot was in his 50’s.   People in their […]

Complex Laws

Every once in a while I read about how the tax code needs to be rewritten and how it should be simplified.  When I hear it, I smile first, but then I sigh.   I sigh because the act of simplifying something that is complex is, in itself, a complex task.  Therefore, saying that we […]

Nginx Caching for WordPress

I was searching for a way to enable caching for WordPress and I stumbled across this great article. In the example that was given, there was an Apache server working the backend while an nginx server was working as a front-end cache.  Those are too many services for me, so I wanted to use […]