Contributors of Change Within a Business

There are three types of contributors of change;  Instigators of Change, Implementers of Change, and Resistors of Change.   Each of these people are vital if any business is going to succeed.  Here’s why.

Instigators of Change are the people with uncontrollable passion.   They may often have ungrounded ideas, but their ideas might also be essential to the business’ success.  Many times, these are the people who are focused on the reward and oblivious of the risk.

Implementers of Change are the people with the technical skills needed to implement just about anything.   They often possess seemingly unbounded knowledge, and bring tremendously creative solutions to match equally difficult challenges.

Resistors of Change are the people who are usually the doubters.   They often fear change, and have a self-serving vested interest in averting it.  Many times, these are the people who are focused on the risk and unconvinced of the reward.

We need all three types of people to be successful.   The instigators are needed for their passion and for their ideas.   The implementers are needed for their innovative solutions.   The resistors are needed to keep the whole process grounded, to point out flaws, and to ensure that if the project does proceed, that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed.   Each contributor is responsible for the success of the changes.

Just as the political system in the US has checks and balances, so do the contributors of change.  The implementers project a pragmatic perspective onto the instigator’s idealistic concepts.  The resistors harden the solution by weeding out potential failure points in the implementer’s solutions.   The instigators set the end-goal and many times, also the target deadline – ensuring an end in sight.  In the end, an innovative and successful change can take place.  Win-Win-Win.