How to Switch WordPress from Apache to Lighttpd

If you are using Ubunutu, there are a couple of packages that you need first.  This command should get you what you need. sudo apt-get install lighttpd php5-cgi Now, let’s edit the /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf file.  You need to add mod_fastcgi to your server.modules line.  It should look something like this when you’re done. server.modules = ( […]

How to recover data from a failed hard drive.

Here’s the scenario.   You have a computer that’s been running for years.  Everything has been fine until one day when it crashes on you.  Perhaps it goes out in style with a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).   You don’t realize the impact yet.  You reboot, but when it starts to load, BAM!, another BSOD.    Now […]