The Veterans Affairs Scandal

Everyone is furious about the way that our war veterans have been treated in the past, and present. The long waiting lists for medical procedures and the mistreatment of our veterans has caused quite an outrage – and rightfully so. Now there are stories in the news about heads rolling – officials in charge being dismissed from their posts. The problem that I have with this sort of thing is that I believe that it’s purely a public relations move.

It is unreasonable to believe that the head of the VA in a state or town was making policy decisions for the whole country. More than likely, it was budget cuts that were passed in Washington D.C. that put the VA officials between a rock and a hard place. Of course, it’s entirely possible that these guys had the budget and just decided to mistreat veterans. But how many people would do that? What would their motivation be? It is far more reasonable to believe that they got a bad deck of cards and they were trying to make do with it. Now the people holding the cards are the ones that are losing their jobs, but I think it really should be the people who dealt the cards who need to address the nation. They must have had difficult decisions to make, and hearing their thought process would certainly add some clarity over who is at fault, or at least the rationale behind the decisions.