Web Fax for Asterisk

I discovered a web fax solution for Asterisk that works quite well.

First, let’s install ghostscript and spandsp.  For a Ubuntu or Debian, you can type:

sudo apt-get install ghostscript
sudo apt-get install libspandsp-dev

If you compiled Asterisk by source, you can access the configuration dialog by typing:

make menuconfig

Now you need to enable the following modules.

  • Resources -> res_fax
  • Resources -> rs_fax_spandsp

Now let’s compile by typing the following:

make && sudo make install

Now, download the webfax package from sourceforge.

Now, extract the files into your web root.  Something like this should do the trick:

tar -zxvf webfax-0.1.tar.gz -C /var/www/html/

Now tidy up the files.  You can edit the /var/www/html/webfax/index.php file, for example, if you want to add default information to each form.  Lastly, edit the faxnotify.php file and update the email addresses.

At this point, you should be able to upload a PDF and send a fax.

Hope this helps.   Enjoy!