Web Fax for Asterisk

I discovered a web fax solution for Asterisk that works quite well. First, let’s install ghostscript and spandsp.  For a Ubuntu or Debian, you can type: sudo apt-get install ghostscript sudo apt-get install libspandsp-dev If you compiled Asterisk by source, you can access the configuration dialog by typing: make menuconfig Now you need to enable […]

Complex Laws

Every once in a while I read about how the tax code needs to be rewritten and how it should be simplified.  When I hear it, I smile first, but then I sigh.   I sigh because the act of simplifying something that is complex is, in itself, a complex task.  Therefore, saying that we […]

Politics and Hockey

Last night I had a dream that the republicans and democrats were backing hockey teams. The republicans were backing the capitols, and the democrats were backing the devil’s. Whoever scored the first goal wins, but there was one caveat — both teams needed to touch the puck before anyone could score. The game started and […]