FreePBX 13 – MySQL Performance – RESOLVED

I resolved the performance issue by running the following commands in MySQL:

use asterisk;
alter table kvstore engine=MyISAM;

My new FreePBX 13 server was causing disk IO contention with my other VMs, so I had a look at the disk writes to the MySQL database. The MySQL databases are the ONLY thing on the VDB disk. Notice anything strange? So did I. The disk usage ramps up over time, so it looks like that periodic Cron job of theirs to refresh the Dashboard has some build up of data that makes the system more and more sluggish as time goes on.


No known fix yet. Fixed by using the MyISAM engine for the kvstore table instead of InnoDB. Disabling cron is a temporary workaround. Restarting FreePBX (fwconsole restart) may be another workaround.