Politics and Hockey

Last night I had a dream that the republicans and democrats were backing hockey teams.

The republicans were backing the capitols, and the democrats were backing the devil’s. Whoever scored the first goal wins, but there was one caveat — both teams needed to touch the puck before anyone could score.

The game started and all of the capitols immediately exited the ice. So the devils are skating around and it’s just impossible for them to win. Then, one of the devils hits the puck down to the other side where nobody was. Some of the capitols got onto the ice, as if to tease, and a smart devil’s player quickly got to the puck and slap-shot it against the skate of a capitols player before shooting it into the net and winning the game. In my dream, I jumped up and started screaming “Yea!”.

Funny thing is, I’m a Ranger’s fan. I don’t ordinarily like to see the Devil’s win. Funny how our sub-conscience works.